Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things that never fail to amaze me at the pool...

I am part of a tri swimming club at my local leisure centre. I've been a member for a few years now, and it's pretty good. We share the pool with the aqua-fit ladies, so we have 3 lanes in total for about 15 people (if everyone shows). The ability levels of the group range from intermediate to advanced. There is another class for beginners. Most of us are triathletes.

Here are the things that amaze me about the class or more often the people in the class:

1. Ego guy. This guy has an ego. He wants to swim in the fast lane. Even though he's not fast. Even worse, if you get behind him, he will not move and let you pass. This has been going on for a long time. Drove me nuts. One day it was just Ego guy and me in the lane. We became friends (ie he talked about himself and I listened). Anyway, Ego guy has been away for a while and it turned out that he hurt his knee quite badly and could not swim. He is on the mend now, and it seems his doctor gave him the ok to start swimming again. So... one might think that after not swimming for oh about 2 months and having a bum knee that he might choose to swim in the slow lane, or perhaps the medium lane if he was feeling particularly optimistic. Nope. He beelines for the fast lane. Why? He's Ego guy, that's why.

2. Fly guy. This guy is fairly new and joined our group in the last few months. First time I saw him, we were all swimming in the medium lane. Now, I'm not the fastest swimmer, I usually go between the medium and fast lane depending on who is there. But I could easily pass this guy in the medium lane. And as I did pass him for the first time, I got a whack in the back of the head. I didn't think much of it, until I was swimming towards him and he hit my arm with his arm. Hmmm.. being hit twice in one day - unusual. Until I stopped at the end and looked at him swim. It looked more like a bird taking off from the lake than someone swimming. His arms instead of lifting up and over, were extending out to the side of him. Result - he clotheslined anyone in his path. It got so bad that I had to dive under the water whenever I was passing by him because I was afraid to get hit. Luckily this guy doesn't show up very often or else I'd have a complete complex about swimming in the same lane.

3. I do whatever the heck I want girl: I have no idea why this girl comes to the TRIATHLON swimming class. She does not follow our workout. She just gets in the lane and swims whatever she wants. Breast, fly, back, whatever goes. Which is all fine and good for her, but what about the other people in the lane? Actually I'm not sure why the coach allows this, but not for me to say.

Lets just say the pool tends to be an interesting place!

Last 5lb boot camp:

I went bikini shopping yesterday and got a really cute brown and white polka dot bikini!! Yay, now I have 3 which should be enough for my trip. I have been really good with not eating bad foods, although my portion control could be better. As for working out...
Sunday - 10-11 k run (still recovering from the weekend before)
Monday - Swimming 1 hr 2000m
Tonight - Planning on 45 mins bike/trainer and 30 mins weights.

On another note, today is Remembrance Day so I have been thinking a lot about the sacrifices soldiers have to make when they go to war. I can't even imagine having to go through what they went through (or are going through). I am thankful for what they have done to make Canada the place it is today.


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citygirl said...

I love your descriptions of your fellow swimmers! You made me laugh with your description of becoming friends with Ego Guy (he talked about himself and I listened)!

So funny how all groups have their characters.