Saturday, November 8, 2008

Going Shopping!

Today I'm going out shopping with T2. We are on the hunt for running tights, so we're starting the search at Lululemon. Now Lulu has some nice clothes, but I've always avoided buying anything there because it's so damn $$$. I love the look of their yoga pants, but I'm not really the type to wear them out and about, so I couldn't imagine paying $100 for essentially what would be house pants. However, word on the street is that they have some really nice pants that are suitable for running outside in cold weather. Now this I would pay $100 for. Priorities.

For the last 5lb boot camp, I realized my one flaw in my plan - I didn't weigh myself in the beginning. So how am I going to be able to measure if I was successful? Ach, no worries, the number on the scale is not what's important anyway, it's feeling like I'm in tip-top shape for the beach. Similar to being at the starting line at a race and knowing you've done your best to train for it. It's that confidence that you get mentally. Here is my progress from the past couple of days:

Food - good
Workout - 45 mins bike on trainer, 30 mins weights

Food - not so good. Went out to a really good funky bistro type restaurant. V. cool atmosphere. V salty food. Ate a lot. Vegan carrot cake at Fresh after, which was amazing (as usual) however does not qualify as low calorie. Oh well - definitely worth it - I loooove vegan carrot cake.
Workout - 42 min run before work. Running in the early morning is the best - haven't done it in a while and forgot how much I like the quiet morning stillness.

I'm off to shop....


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