Monday, November 17, 2008

Off Season

I find triathlon off-season hard.

On one hand you want to rest your body from all you put it through over the past 8-10 months. On the other hand, you get the itch to train. You want to keep in shape. You miss the weekend routine of swim and bike on Saturday and long run on Sunday. You miss working out with your tri-friends.

I find as soon as I can't go outside to ride any more, I get these cravings (not sure how else to describe it) to go riding. Especially when driving on the roads I would usually ride on.

But I just try to remind myself that this is the time to relax, and to do things that I don't usually do in the summer because of training.

I have decided to get a coach this season. I'm so exicted about it. Yes, it's expensive, but I think it will be worth it. I want to see what I can accomplish in triathlon. I'm going into my 4th summer of racing triathlons so I'm over the beginner hump. Now I have to get better, push myself and see what I can do.

I start my coaching in December, so this is my last few weeks of 'off season'. I'm planning to make the most of it, enjoy my week in Mexico, get some rest in (as hard as it is to do) and then start prepping for the 2009 season on December 1.

I can hardly wait.

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