Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm Back

It's been a while since I posted and I've been a busy girl.

First up - my trip to Mexico... was most excellent. The resort I went to - Grand Palladium White Sands - was amazing, good vegan friendly food, beautiful grounds, a jacuzzi tub in our bathroom, and a spa. With a fully equipped gym and a beautiful swimming pool. Need I say more? We spent a lot of time at the spa. Did a few swim workouts, the pool was longer than I'm used to, I would estimate about 30 metres. Once day as my friend and I are sitting by the pool in the spa and a girl comes over. She's getting ready for a swim. She is wearing a speedo type bikini (as opposed to my little stringy number!). She pulls out a cap. It has the US flag and her name on it. Ok, this girl is serious. So I start chatting with her and we're trying to figure out how long the pool is. She tells me that she can usually swim a 25 metre pool in 13 strokes, and this one takes 16 so it must be around 30-35 metres. Ok, I was still back at 13 strokes. Wow. So I think that I'll try drafting off her... not a chance. I made it about a 2 strokes before she dropped me. Sigh... maybe one day if I practice lots and lots! Anyway, Mexico was a great vacation and I was sad to come home. But once I got home, I didn't have too much time to think about it because ...

Training started! My training plan with my new coach started December 1. I love love love having a coach. It is so motivating and exciting to have someone else who cares about my workouts, will answer my questions, and listen to my feedback. The first 3 weeks were dedicated to working on form, which I especially need for running. There is also a core strengthening component, which I haven't focused on in the past. I am noticing a big difference with the core workouts - I think they have already helped improve my swimming and I can feel my core engaging when I'm running.

Now that the vacay is over and holidays are just about finished, I'm looking forward to focusing on my training over the winter months.


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citygirl said...

I'm back too - reading that is. I was really bad about reading my fav blogs in December because work was too busy! Where are my priorities?!